Chapter 2.1: Not Exactly What He Dreamed of

The Silver’s and the Duncan’s made it to Lucky Palm at the beginning of Summer.


Kat had a serious talk with first Leonidas about her and Madison’s relationship. Leonidas was very happy for his mother and told her as much. Catherine and Zeke, too, were happy that Kat and Madison found love and happiness with each other.


Kat knew instantly what to do. She proposed to Madison and then the two had a quick wedding ceremony before settling into their own house in Lucky Palm.


Leonidas made his way to the stadium and got a job. It wasn’t his dream job and he was far from an athlete as this moment, but he had no problems earning his way to the position. His mom instilled a deep sense of hard work into him since he was young.


Speaking of proposals… Ty proposed to Catherine, they got pregnant and moved into their own house in town, too.


Now it was just Leonidas and Cheri in the house. Cheri made Leonidas favorite meal, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, for dinner on their first night in their own home.


Exhausted from the day’s events, they feel in bed, exhausted.


Loki visited while they slept.


The next day before work, Leonidas wanted a tattoo… a way to memorialize all he had done… relocate to a new town, get a new job, move in with Cheri. His life was headed exactly where he wanted to be and he couldn’t be happier.


*I’m not a huge fan of Sims 3 tattoos. I wish we had more control over their placement, like we could move it around. This is what we settled on.*




Cheri was a candy striper at the local hospital. She really didn’t want a career, just wanted a way to get out of the house for a few hours. She was off work today, so she lounged in the pool for a while.


Later that evening, before Leonidas got home from work, she took her sister out on the town since she had just aged to a teen the night before.

They made their way to the local pool and spent a few hours catching up before they had dinner at the Diner.


Leonidas came home to an empty house. He had a quick meal of leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich before he left out for the gym.


He needed a couple skill points to level up in his career, so he tried not to let him bother him that Cheri wasn’t home when he got home from work.

He’d have loved to spend the evening with her, but figured this was just as important, so he tried putting her absence from his mind.


*While I was busy getting Leonidas set up with working out, I went back to check on Cheri and she had ditched her sister and was in some random sims house and flirting with this teen (she’s a YA) *

Leonidas made it home and Cheri still wasn’t there. He climbed in bed, a bit sad.


The next morning, he woke a few hours before work, had a quick breakfast and went for a jog, heading to work a bit early. Cheri slept in, having not made it to bed until 3am.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (28).jpg

Once awake, Cheri left the house as soon as needs were met and headed to the local pool to lounge in the sun. Gen 2 Week 1 B (30).jpg

A pregnant Catherine was soaking up some rays, too.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (32).jpg

Kat showed up and the girls relaxed in the hot tub together.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (40).jpg

The girls grouped up to spend the day together. After the pool, they headed to Mick’s to do some singing.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (41).jpg

Shot a little pool…

Gen 2 Week 1 B (42).jpg

After dinner at the diner, Kat had to go but Cheri ran into her mom there.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (44).jpg

Who had no problem telling her she was not behaving appropriately for a woman in a fresh relationship trying to make things last.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (49).jpg

Cheri left her complaining mother behind and went to Varg’s Tavern for a quick drink.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (46).jpg

Leonidas decided against more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and went to the diner himself for dinner, just missing Cheri.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (47).jpg

While there, a pregnant woman went in labor.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (48).jpg

He quickly rushed her to the hospital, thinking if he’d ever be lucky enough to have a little one on the way. With the way things were going with Cheri, they’d never be in the same house to get her pregnant.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (52).jpg

When he got home at 1am, Cheri still wasn’t there. He sent her a quick text to ask where she was and when she’d be home. He went to bed, alone yet again… something that was becoming the norm.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (54).jpg

Cheri was not real pleased getting the text. Why did he think he had to account for every minute of her day?!

Gen 2 Week 1 B (56).jpg

Cheri stayed out until well after 3am. When she came home she soaked in a bubble bath before heading to bed as the sun was coming up. She had to work, but not until 4pm, so she could easily sleep in.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (57).jpg

Leonidas had an opportunity at City Hall, but he couldn’t stop thinking of babies. He really wanted a family of his own. Children running in the yard or playing in the pool. He’d help them with their homework and tuck them in at night.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (58).jpg

When he got home, Cheri was awake. Once he questioned her about where she was last night, things got a bit heated. Gen 2 Week 1 B (59).jpg

She was not happy having to account for every moment of her life. She had no responsibilities to tie her down.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (60).jpg

But the makeup woohoo was pretty exciting. Things aren’t resolved, but they are sure put off for now.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (62).jpg

Leonidas had to rush out the door to not miss the car pool. Cheri felt a pang of guilt having not been home with him for days, so spent what time she had before work straightening up the house a bit.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (64).jpg

After work, Cheri meet her first celebrity. She liked the thought of hanging with celebrities. How exciting of lives do they lead! As soon as they become well enough acquainted, she suggested the group up and go out for a drink.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (67).jpg

Leonidas returned home to an empty house. His heart broke each time his steps echoed in the empty silence.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (68).jpg

He didn’t feel like running the risk of running into anyone he knew, he was far too depressed to make conversation right now, so he had leftovers for dinner again. He has really hoped that Cheri was making a change.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (74).jpg

Then headed to the gym to workout. *He had bulked up really badly. I took him into CAS and changed it. I hate bulky sims.*

Gen 2 Week 1 B (69).jpg

Cheri and her new friend (forgot his name, oops) had drinks at the Grind.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (71).jpg

Kat and Madison was there (she’s still so pretty!)

Gen 2 Week 1 B (72).jpg

Good to see the girls so happy together.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (73).jpg

Cheri danced the night away without a care in the world. She now has stars in her eyes, and is only interested in rising her own celebrity status.

Gen 2 Week 1 B (75).jpg

3am… are you freaking kidding me? The Silver’s have the worst luck of all my families. I rarely see a burglar and the Silver have now been robbed 3 times. I didn’t buy Leonidas a alarm, because I figured it was not likely to happen and I’d save that money until later.

That was my mistake. The burglar is Evan Fuller and he is now on our list….

Gen 2 Week 1 B (77).jpg

Stole our laptop!

Gen 2 Week 1 B (78).jpg

Then stole the dresser out of the nursery!

Gen 2 Week 1 B (81).jpg

Good grief, Evan is robbing us blind! He even stole an outdoor bench!

Gen 2 Week 1 B (82).jpg

I honestly thought with no one home he’d clean us out complete. Leonidas was working out, trying to get some aggression out and Cheri was living it up with her new celebrity friend… neither are even aware that there was a robbery yet.

I have a feeling the shit is gonna fly once Leonidas gets home.




Generation Two: Leonidas Silver and Generational Goals

Welcome to Generation Two of the Silver Random Legacy!

Leonidas is Kat Silver’s oldest child, by 5 minutes. His twin sister, Catherine, doesn’t like to be reminded that she is the younger of the two. He was pretty close to his younger brother, Zeke, who wasn’t far behind the twins in age.

Growing up, Leonidas met, and fell in love with, a Sunset Valley newcomer, Cheri Duncan. They went to prom together and planned their lives as they went on picnics and dates.

Leonidas and Cheri planned to move to Lucky Palm as soon as he graduated to pursue his dream of being a professional sports player. Cheri’s own family was making the move to Lucky Palm as well, since her mother, Audrey, received a job offer in Lucky Palm.

Leonidas is Athletic, Brooding, Brave, Genius, and Great Kisser.

He dreams of being a professional sports player.

His favorites are: Peanut Butter Sandwiches (which was good, cause Cheri wasn’t much of a cook), Kids music, and the color pink (though he doesn’t tell too many people that, you know… he has an image to protect!).





He bought a simple two bedroom house, one he hope that he and Cheri and their children would grow up and grow old in.

RandomLegacy Gen 2.png

Here is Leonidas’ generational goals.

Chapter 1.15: The End of Gen 1

The final week of Gen One is upon us. Kat’s story is closing and Leonidas is taking over.

This update may be a bit longer than normal, just cause I want to finish Kat’s story in this last update of Gen One.



Winter has fully came to Sunset Valley, snow covering every surface causing sims to bundle up before heading out of their homes.


The Silver family is enjoying their morning meal together, happy that they all got to share the time this morning.

After breakfast and needs, Kat decided to spend her day off at the Dojo.


She jogged to the Dojo to give her time to think and clear her mind.

Time is passing Kat by so quickly, soon it will be her elder birthday, her eldest are nearly YA and her baby is soon to be a teen. Where had time gone? Had she really spent the better part of her life wrapped up in advancing in her career? No sign of love in her life?

She knew what her heart was telling her, but she wasn’t even sure how to go about following her heart. It was too scary. Yes, her, Kat Silver…. Super Spy Kat… was scared.

Did she have the nerve to attempt to follow her heart? Only time would tell, but she knew she’d either have to take the leap or risk spending the rest of her life alone.


It was a pretty chilly morning, but Kat felt refreshed working out in the crisp air. She needed to really get her thoughts together and find her path in life, now that her kids were nearly grown.


Ty came home from school with Catherine and after completing their homework, they spent the afternoon making snowmen and snow angels.

As night came, Catherine suggested they go to the diner for a quick meal since her family were partners there and got to eat for free.


The bully, Lawrence Keaton, from Zeke’s birthday just happened to be at the diner. He ended up making a rude remark to Catherine and Ty as they were about to head home.

Ty, sweet, gentle soul that he is just blew it off and started making a snowman, trying to get Catherine to join him to distract her.


Instead, she took the time to let Mr Jerkface know what kind of loser her really was.


Things quickly got physically between the two.


Catherine might have her Mom’s temper, but apparently she has yet to master her fighting ability. The  fight did not go so well for Catherine.

Embarrassed, she quickly kissed Ty and headed home. She couldn’t believe she got her ass kicked in front of Ty. Ugh.


That night, Zeke had his badging ceremony and the whole family got to go. Zeke showed off to his Mom then everyone headed home and went to bed.


Tuesday passed as any other day – for the most part. The family didn’t get to have breakfast together, as everyone was running a bit behind that morning.


As soon as the kids were done eating, it was time to get on the bus for school. Kat barely  had time to eat her breakfast before she was rushing out the door to head to work.

Madison had the day off and spent her day painting.


After work, Kat had hoped the days of rummaging through bins was behind her, but she found herself needing to complete a report, which entailed a dig in a bin for some much needed info.


After a quick shower, she gathered the family for a night of dinner at the Diner. Since they didn’t get to have breakfast together, Kat wanted to treat the family to a night out.


While the family was inside enjoying dinner, Marlene Langerak and Salvatore Goth were having a spat. He slapped the snot out of her right in front of everyone!


Marlene got upset, but did try to have a civil conversation with him. After several failed attempts and him yawning in her face, she had enough civility… Screenshot-9.jpg

And jumped on him! She ended up winning the fight… I really wish I knew why these two were at each other’s throats.


Even Kat felt bad for Salvatore.


Wednesday passed as any other day, the family had breakfast together, went to work and school, came home and took care of needs and homework.


Snowflake day, Thursday, Leonidas took Zeke and Catherine to the festival while Kat and Madison stayed home.


The kids took some time to enjoy the snowboarding.


Meanwhile, at home, Kat was doing having the conversation with Madison she both feared and looked forward to since they kissed at the Spring Festival.


Kat told Madison she was in love with her and that it had always been her, since the moment they met.


Madison leaned in closely and whispered to Kat that she felt exactly the same but was scared of what that meant and how they’d make a life together. Madison was exceptionally worried that they children wouldn’t understand.


They agreed to wait until after Zeke’s teen birthday and the twins Young Adult birthdays to break the news to them. Screenshot-13.jpg

Madison kissed Kat before either could change their minds, and then they headed to the festival to be with the kids.


The family started a snowball fight, the kids having no idea that Kat was probably the happiest she’s ever been. Her children were growing up, they were happy, well adjusted children, the teens with love interests of their own. She prayed they wouldn’t take until nearly elderhood before finding love, like she and Madison did.


That day was Zeke’s teen birthday, so Kat threw him a party at the Karaoke club. Screenshot-28.jpg

She invited Matthew, but he was being exceptionally jerkfaced. He never even came inside to celebrate his sons birthday, instead stayed outside and argued with everyone.


Zeke’s teen birthday turned out much better than his childhood birthday, Kat was pretty proud. Her heart broke a little, thinking that Zeke was going to have to leave all his friends behind when they moved to Lucky Palm, but she refused to live in a town hundreds of miles from her children and Leonidas and Catherine made it clear they were moving once their Young Adult birthdays came.


Zeke as a teen.


Friday was the teens Young Adult birthday and Madison’s Elder birthday. Zeke woke up earlier than the rest of the family and already had breakfast, leaving Kat some special private time during breakfast with the twins to discuss their upcoming move.

Leonidas told her that the Duncan family would be moving to Lucky Palms, too, since Audrey had a job offer there.

Kat would be retiring as soon as she was an elder, so she planned to just transfer to Lucky Palm for desk duty. Her Spy days were behind her.


Everyone left for work and school, and the unthinkable happened. Loki was just a couple days past his lifespan. I completely wasn’t ready for him to go. :*( Screenshot-47.jpg

Kat was the first one home and didn’t take the news so well, either.


First they celebrated Madison’s birthday.


Then came Leonidas


Lastly was Catherine.

Once the birthday’s were out of the way, the family packed up their belongings and left behind the home they’d known for years to start over in Lucky Palm.


***This is officially the end of Generation One. The family has moved to Lucky Palm. Kat and Madison’s story is not completely over, just yet… we do wrap it up completely in the beginning of the first Part of Gen Two, as well as Catherine’s story. I’m sure the family will make appearances in Leonidas’ story, but we will focus solely on him and his journey for Generation Two.


Moving Towns

Chapter 1.14: First Day of Winter

Today is Saturday, Prom Day!!

Week 5 b (15).jpg

The whole family got up and had breakfast while I was looking at the scenery (oops).


Zeke cleared the table then went to play on his rocking horse.


Since learning to drive last night took so long, neither of the twins did their homework so they got it out of the way after breakfast.



Both Kat and Madison broke the down stairs toilets at the same time. Instead of spending the money on a repairman, as they usually do, they decided to save the money and fix it since they weren’t pressed for time today.

Both girl’s had the day off, and while it’s family day, the twins planned to invite their dates over later today to make sure they don’t miss Prom, so it’s just going to be a lazy afternoon at home.


Zeke and Loki were spending a bit of time together outside. Aww, at least Loki likes Zeke better than he did Catherine…


*Sigh* Maybe not.

Screenshot-11.jpgZeke invited Aimee over. These two were best friends and spent most of their time together outside playing tag.


Madison has an opportunity for Emma Hatch to upgrade her stereo and return it for some cash.

She leveled up from fixing the toilet, so she went ahead and upgraded the stereo.


Then returned it for a bit of extra money. It wasn’t a great deal of cash, but it helped.


Catherine and Leonidas invited Cheri and Ty over. I tried keeping them outside, but they kept going in the house.

When the limo arrived, Ty, Catherine, and Leonidas climbed in like they were suppose to. But Cheri never did. I used MC to send her to the school. So she did go to Prom with Leonidas, but she didn’t ride in the limo with them.


Catherine and Ty became Prom King and Queen. The twins and their dates had wonderful times at Prom. Screenshot-21.jpg

Prom pictures. Catherine and Ty on the left, Leonidas and Cheri on the right.


Zeke invited Aimee to stay for dinner with him, but she had to leave shortly after dinner. Zeke took care of his needs then climbed in bed. He got wore out pretty good from all the playing they did.


I made my first error with Kat this entire game. I forgot she was vegetarian for a moment and had her make hamburgers for dinner (though Zeke and Aimee got into leftovers before she could finish cooking). Kat ended up eating and hamburger.

She started gagging and I couldn’t figure out why and thought she might have done something she shouldn’t have while I was distracted at some point. Turns out it was just from eating meat.

Kat and Madison went to bed right before Prom ended. And as soon as the twins got home from Prom they were dead on their feet and they, too, climbed in bed.


*I installed a new lighting mod. I liked the other one’s daytime light better, but so far, this one is much, much better at night (as in, it’s not pitch black where you can’t see. Pictures coming later of nighttime).*

Another beautiful Sunday in Sunset Valley. It’s technically the first day of winter, but with temps in the 60’s (F), it’s a perfect day.


Loki and Catherine seemed to have found some common ground, now that she’s older. Maybe Loki just isn’t a kid-friendly kitty.


The family come staggering in for breakfast at different hours, then everyone took their turns getting needs met.


The family all gathered in the living room. Madison worked on a painting, Zeke wished to gain a skill point in writing, and the twins were enjoying some of Kat’s guitar playing.


Leonidas thought that today, such a beautiful day, would be a great day for a picnic in a park with Cheri. He called her and they agreed to met there. Madison let him borrow her car for the date.


Cheri was happy to see Leonidas and quickly gave him a kiss and thanked him for inviting her.


They spent quite a while just talking and listening to music.


Leonidas asked Cheri to dance, and she happily accepted.


Even though she spent a good portion of the time stepping on his toes. Screenshot-35.jpg

Cheri apologized profusely. Leonidas kept assuring her it was not a big deal.


It was getting late in the afternoon, but there was still plenty of sunshine left to enjoy. Leonidas thought it was a perfect day to shoot some hoops at the pier.


Unfortunately, Cheri was not as impressed with this idea as she was the park picnic.


She did make an effort, but Leonidas saw she wasn’t truly enjoying herself so he let her off the hook.


Instead, he suggested they get into the hot tub.


Cheri was much more interested in the hot tub than the basketball court.


They were so relaxed with the music and the setting sun, they just enjoyed the moment for a few.


*Night time photo here, unedited. See, much better*

Once the sunset and the temperature started to drop, Leonidas and Cheri headed to the diner for a late, quick meal before ending their date. Leonidas promised to see Cheri tomorrow at school and happily went home to go to bed.


Madison finished her painting during the day.


Kat spent most of the day working out.


Zeke completed a few wishes, one of which was to stargaze.


Catherine called Ty earlier, but he was at work, so she spent the day catching up on her romance novel.


And Loki played in the tub.

Overall, the family had a relaxing day at home.


After spending so much time working out, Kat was the last one to go to bed after taking care of needs.

While she ate a late dinner, the first snow started to fall.


Winter was officially here for Sunset Valley.



*Leonidas has 4 days until he ages to a YA (Catherine, too). Kat has 7 days until elder, and Madison is a couple days less than Kat. Zeke becomes a teen in 3 days.

I’m giving it serious thought to moving the family (and the Duncan family) to a new world for Leonidas’s take over on the Legacy. I just haven’t decided where he would move to.

Chapter 1.13: Hot and Cold Duncan Kids

These first few photos were taking outside, at night, so I have edited/lightened them up. Again, I’m new to editing Sims photos, so the color is likely off in several of them. Honestly, it’s not something I actively do (as I only do this to try to make sure you guys can see them clearly), so I do apologize that they aren’t that great, color wise.




Leonidas really has taken a liken to Cheri. Seems she likes him, too. Neither one had any problems with flirting.


Cheri even initiated a few fun flirts with Leonidas.


Leonidas was feeling very into the moment, so what better time then to go for a heat of the moment kiss?

Would he be rejected?


Nope, no rejection here. Cheri was feeling it, too.


Ty asked Catherine to watch the stars. I must say, I’m one happy Sim God. These guys are getting along wonderfully!


Both couples settled in to watch the stars.


After they watched the stars, Catherine moved in for a heat of the moment kiss, after all… Ty was being very cooperative, up to this point.

Apparently, things change fast in the Duncan family. Ty was NOT pleased with Catherine’s bold move! He promptly chewed her out. She left for home, dejected and sad.


Mood swing, 12 o’clock! Now Cheri is rejecting Leonidas romance advances after spending the better part of the last hour or so being very receptive of them.

Time for Leonidas to head home and take a cold shower.

Man, were these Duncan kids hot and cold! Sim God bubble burst…


On Thursday morning, everyone was running a bit behind from the visit at the Duncan household. Kat, for the first time, didn’t make breakfast for the family. And since Madison had never cooked before, she just whipped up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone.


Since it was festival day, everyone invited someone over to visit.

Kat took this opportunity to invite Matthew over and end things with him.

Zeke wanted to play more with Aimee, since they had such a fun time last night – until the teens visits went sour and forced everyone home.

Catherine and Leonidas invited over Cheri and Ty, hoping to improve those relationships, since both Ty and Cheri agreed to be the twins dates to Prom this Saturday.


Kat began letting Matthew down as gently as she could, explaining she just wasn’t in a place to be in any type of relationship and of course he was welcome to be in Zeke’s life as much as he’d like. Matthew would always be welcome at her house, as long as Zeke was there.


Matthew was not ready to end things with Kat and told her off pretty quickly.

Kat asked him to leave until he could  cool off.


Leonidas quickly kissed Cheri, while she was still in a romance mood.


Catherine was also on the receiving end of a Duncan good mood.

Seems like the Duncan kids woke up in a better mood than they were in last night.

Leonidas asked Cheri on a date and they headed to tour the theater while Catherine stayed home with Ty.


Catherine finally got her first kiss with Ty. Her heart was aflutter and her breath caught in her throat. She just couldn’t image any boy dreamier then Ty.


Wanting to cool things off before her mom came out, Catherine and Ty sit at the kitchen table to do their homework.

Nothing killed teen hormones quite like arithmetic.


Zeke was having a blast with Aimee playing tag. They were already best friends.


While Leonidas and Cheri were in the theater, getting frisky with one another, Cheri’s mom, Audrey Duncan, walked by outside.

Week 5 a (30).jpgWeek 5 a (33).jpg

Just a couple random screenshots I took while Catherine and Ty were studying and Leonidas and Cheri were in the theater. Such beautiful scenery.


After nearly getting caught at the theater by Cheri’s mom, they headed to the festival and cooled things off by bobbing for apples. Neither won but it was still good fun.


They began to get hungry, so Leonidas took Cheri to the fancy restaurant in town before ending the date with a hug and kiss.

Leonidas couldn’t wait for Prom night. He really liked Cheri.


After completing homework, Catherine and Ty made their way to the festival and played a game of chess.

It was a lame distraction cause Ty suggested they head to the theater and Catherine couldn’t think of one good reason not to go.

Week 5 a (36).jpg

After their “tour” of the theater, they headed to the diner for a simple, sinfully bad for you burger, fries, and a milkshake.

Better watch it, you two… that walk tattles on you both.


After dinner, Catherine and Ty sit outside and spent a bit more time together before ending the date.


Friday morning, Kat seemed like she might be losing her mind a wee bit…


Maybe she was just in deep thought? Yes, that had to be it… Kat was in deep thought.


Kat and the kids had breakfast again together, even Madison got up early enough to join them (I might need to consider getting a larger table).

Everyone headed out to school and work and they day passed as normally. Kat went to the Dojo after work until 3pm and Madison got off work at 3pm.


At home, Kat offered to teach Catherine to drive since they both had a wish for it.


They both look like they’re pretty terrified.


Zeke got on the honor roll Friday. He always does his homework as soon as he gets home. Usually his brother and sister are around, doing their homework, too, in case he needed help with anything, but today he just completed it on his own.


Leonidas had an opportunity to fix the broiler at school, which made him a little late getting home.

Once home, Madison offered to teach him to drive in her car.


Madison and Leonidas are much more relaxed in their process than Catherine and Kat.


Yep, petrified.


Zeke completed his homework. Since his siblings were driving, he felt it was only fair for him to strap into his own race car and spend some time behind the wheel.


This is how you park once you learn to drive? I dunno, Kat… might rethink Catherine’s license there.


Leonidas learned to drive (I had to reset him and Madison as they teleported off screen somehow after he learned to drive). Everyone started getting ready for bed and calling it a night. Catherine spent a little time searching the galaxy and completing a wish before she turned in, too.




Tomorrow is Saturday, Prom Day. I’m hoping to invite Cheri and Ty over close to prom time so that they for sure go with Leonidas and Catherine.

We’re 7 days from starting Gen 2. Leonidas and Catherine will age in 7 days. I have to move Catherine out within 24 hours of her aging, so I’ll likely move Ty in, get them married (quickie wedding) and get her pregnant, then move them in their own house (The houses in town are full, so I’ll have to merge a couple families or find somewhere, somehow to add another house to town).

I’m still trying to determine how exactly I’ll handle Kat and Zeke. You can move the old generation out as soon as the heir ages to YA, and since Leonidas roll is Single (no help), I’m thinking if everyone but Catherine stayed, it would be basically like he has helped (no way his mom would not help with her grand babies).

So I’m thinking getting Kat and Madison set up and moving Zeke out with Mom. I’m still toying with ideas, at this point.

Chapter 1.12: Profitable France Trip

So far, Leonidas is in the lead as the next heir. I’ll start preparing his entry onto the blog but I’m going to keep the poll going a bit longer. I was silent on this story for quite a while, so I’m sure it’ll take some people a while to realize I’m back at it. Either that, or they’ve moved on completely from the Silver story, but I’ll still give it a little time to see if anyone else votes.

This part might be somewhat small. I didn’t get to play for too long yesterday. I’ll play a bit today (hopefully) so might have another update tonight or tomorrow.



While the Silver’s slept in their beds, Madison decided to make a quick run to France to complete her opportunity with that $750 painting.

The trip was going to cost $3,000, but Madison was planning to pick up some nectar for Kat while she was there for a job opportunity she had. Otherwise, she couldn’t justify the trip at that expense.


Tried getting a clearer picture of Madison, but it didn’t work. She did buy her a sloppy jalopy. One day she might get a bit nicer of a car, but for now, it’s wheel to save on all those taxi fares.


As soon as Madison made it to France, she headed straight to her French connection to turn in her painting.

Had I known how much money she would make off that $750 painting on this trip. I probably would have not completed it. While completing opportunities is completely allowed for all Gens, I feel this one was a bit on the extreme side. *Details below*


She went to the nectary and bought 6 bottles of cheap nectar. Spent less than $100 on that.

She was going to buy a bottle of expensive nectar to share with Kat when she got home, but the sales clerk told her that below the nectary was a tomb, and if you figured out how to enter, there was rumors of several old, great bottles that she could have for free.

Madison decided she had time for a wee bit of exploring and went to the depths of the nectary. She found several bottles of nectar to take home for the family. (Wish I had thought of that before I bought the nectar upstairs, but, at least that was cheap).


The next morning, while Madison slept in from her return trip home, Kat had breakfast with her kids. She enjoyed being able to slow down and enjoy these moments with the kids.

She was pretty career focused thru the twins childhoods and Zeke’s baby and toddler years. Kat intended to really enjoy them now that she had achieved her life goal.

Shortly, the kids were getting on the school bus and Kat was leaving for work. The house was quiet while Madison slept in a bit longer. She had the day off, so she could catch up on the jet lag of travel.


Later that morning, Madison got up and went to the festival. She met a interesting fellow and they chatted for quite some time.

Madison learned he had three children at home, so she gifted him Kat’s kids old IF dolls. None of them really took to the dolls and she could quit carrying them around. Win-win for everyone!


After work, Kat met Madison at the festival instead of her usually workout. They wanted to spend the day celebrating since neither girl had got to in some time. They both maxed out their careers, and all generation goals where complete. What better time to celebrate!



Just like old times, Kat and Madison found their favorite table at the Bistro and both ordered Apple Pie. Neither girl was particularly hungry, but really missed the ambiance of the place.


While Mom and Madison were having a long awaited, and sorely needed, girl’s night out. The kids finished their homework together.


Leonidas suggested they go to the Diner and eat, instead of having leftovers.


After pie, the girls headed to Varg’s since The Grind wasn’t opened yet.


And what was a celebration without a bit of a drink to unwind and let loose?

By the time the girl’s called it a night, the kids were already in bed asleep. They headed to bed, themselves.


Leonidas was taking his sweet time in the shower and missed breakfast with Mom and siblings. Kat was a bit sad. She really enjoyed these mornings together.

Since she didn’t have to work today, she was still in her pj’s, as was the kids.


Once the kids were on the school bus, Kat headed to the Dojo to complete another opportunity that she had….


And peep who is there in the background (in the middle, green shirt)…

None other than Jamie Jolina… who has gotten old!


I didn’t figure Kat would go after her with such a vengeance, with Jamie being an elder. But once Kat got on a roll about Jamie, well… a dam just broke. The altercation turned ugly, really quick.


A slap across the face should have had Jamie backing off… but… nope…


Well… I guess you could say Kat said all that needed to be said.


After a nap, Kat sit down to have a quick dinner while the kids were doing their homework.

Kat heard there was a new family, with a couple teens and a child, that had recently moved to the neighborhood. So after homework and dinner, the Silvers headed to their house right down the road.


Catherine met Ty, and they instantly thought each other was attractive.


Leonidas met Cheri, but their attraction wasn’t quite as instantaneous.


Zeke met little Aimee, and they were fast friends. Immediately playing tag together.

*Better pictures of the new family will come (I did show clear pics of them in CAS on the forums) in the next episode.

We’re getting really close to the end of Generation One! Just waiting on the heir to age up.

**Madison’s France Trip:

For bringing a painting worth $750, Madison made a little over $7,700. She spent less than $100 on nectar for a opportunity for Kat. Kat got $1,100 for turning in that opportunity.

After $3,000 for travel, $100 for nectar… the girls still profited a little over $5,700 for this trip. Again, I’ll be more cautious in the future for accepting traveling type opportunities. While it is within the rules to accept and complete them, I had no idea we’d make that much money.

Also, I would have sent Kat, too, but I figured they’d make way less then they did and figured I’d save a bit by just letting Madison pick up the nectar. From now on, whoever gets the opportunity will have to do the traveling, too, if I decide to accept another traveling opp.